Revenge of the Sun

by Great Moon

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All proceeds from album sales go to Cystic Fibrosis research.
This is the first installment of the four-part Revenge of the Sun series.


released August 11, 2015

All Songs & Lyrics written by Joe Skager & Dan Albert
Music Arrangements by Great Moon
Produced and Engineered by Joe Skager
Mastered by Gigantic Mastering (

Design and art layout by Joe Skager
All Songs © 2015 Great Moon


all rights reserved



Great Moon Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Volcanic
Why must I worry about tomorrows? I’m too hard-set dwelling on the now. Time well wasted nocturnal like the owl. Too far nestled in, my mind won't allow.

But I must look further, arising earlier. Wipe my eyes and build a castle of worth. Tall and fragile, foundation of dirt. I’ll rise like fire amongst the earth.

How can I be incredibly free? That’s the way we ought to be. How can I be incredibly free? Black glass tide, glinting sea.
Track Name: Faces (Alectrona)
It's been awhile since I've felt like this. I was faking faces, trying to mask my negligence. She wore a veil too and many hats, an actor in every sense. I left my leading role of sham, for something more permanent.

I live a comfortable life that's never comforting at all.

Here she comes. She brings the sun. I swear I'll lasso the moon and pull it down, to light her nights while I'm removed. It's a wonderful life we have, as we watch atop the crooked roof.

Take it easy now. Quit the apologetics. You know I don't give a damn. I've got hands that hold regardless. I won't let go unless you say so, and even if you do, I'll still say no. And I still say no.

I live a comfortable life that's never comforting at all. At least that's what I say to make myself feel small; pity is a useless tool.

She brings the sun. She brings the sun.
Track Name: Youth
Another. I'm wanting more of this trivial bliss. Every clasp of arms and fingers, asking if I ever want to wake alone. I don't know why but I do, want it all. I don't why I cling to my youth.

We were making it up off the tips of our tongues, we were young. We were waking the dust. Rapid feet, eyes to the sun. When we blinked, you were gone.

Features just as mine. Waning futures, imperfect moonlight. Bespoke to fit our nature, and our faces keep the story lines. I don't know why but I do, want it all. I don't why I swoon for my youth.
Track Name: Red Cardinal
Red Cardinal, you landed in my yard. You had all that sky, but you left it for a reason. Red flowing blood, it will only keep my heart strong, as long as your route is in season. Red Cardinal, you came dressed in autumn leaves. We flew for a year, then reenacted every memory. Red river run through my veins and keep my heart young. Tenderness, my Red Cardinal and me.

You were never just an ordinary Mary.

I don’t care what the old crows say, you know they’re only going to lead you astray. I just want everything to go my way. Red bird fly. Like throwing paper planes to the wall, we collide and then we crumble.

I saw you for one moment all wrapped up in white. My young fool heart's delusion but perfect every time.

It’s the eye of the target. It’s merlot on the carpet. It’s brake lights when it’s darkest. It’s bad temperament, I know. It’s red eye on the tarmac. It’s your face in every forecast. It’s what leads our blood to boil and makes us whole.

You could be whispering. You could be suffering.
Track Name: Red Cardinal (Reprise)
Red Cardinal, I will always leave my light on. While you traverse every inch towards the setting sun. Red sailor's sky, you reflect against the high tide. May you guide sweeter dreams tonight.